Acrylic Laser Cutting Brisbane

Get a Cleaner Cut and Faster Turnaround Times with Acrylic Laser Cutting for Signs in Brisbane

If you need new signage for your business and require a rush job, but can’t settle for lower quality work, call Verge Laser. We specialise in acrylic laser cut signs in Brisbane and can help you get the signage materials you need with the fast turnaround time you want. Best of all, we can do the work quickly without compromising our usual quality standards, which are defined by meticulous detail and an overall clean look.

The Benefits of Choosing Acrylic Laser Cutting in Brisbane

If you’ve ever done router cutting for your business signage, you likely know that this method isn’t always the cleanest option. While router cutting can achieve a decent level of detail when cutting wood, acrylic or other materials, the detail in the text, logos or images is never going to be as meticulous or microscopic as it can be with a laser.

Furthermore, when you cut a sign with a router, you have to deal with sharp, uneven and unpolished edges where the sign was cut. These edges are unprofessional and ugly and need to be flame polished away before the sign is ready. Unfortunately, flame polishing is a secondary process that must come after completion of the router cutting step.

Obviously, if you are in a time crunch and need a sign for your business right away, the secondary process of flame polishing might add time to the process that you simply can’t afford. Therein lies one of the bigger benefits of choosing a Brisbane laser cutting business such as Verge Laser to craft your signage. Custom laser cutting will not only achieve a greater level of detail for your acrylic sign, but it will also create a lustrous finish along the edges of your sign. Where a secondary flame polishing process is required to get this kind of finish for router cut signs, custom laser cutting achieves it on the first go. As a result, you get your hands on your signage faster.

Get Fast Turnaround Times on Your Laser Cut Acrylic Signs; Call Verge Laser Today

Custom sign design and laser cutting in Brisbane is your best bet if you need a quick turnaround time for your acrylic business signage. At Verge Laser, we offer laser cut acrylic signs in Brisbane with faster turnaround times than most of the competition. Of course, the complexity of your design, the size of the sign you need and the number of signs you order will determine how long it takes us to fulfil your order. In certain cases, we may be able to provide same day, overnight or next day services, if your signage need is particularly urgent. Ask us about our express order options.

With Brisbane laser cutting from Verge Laser, you can get beautiful acrylic signs faster than ever before. If you are interested in ordering a custom business sign from us or want to know a bit more about the services we provide, feel free to reach out to us directly. You can reach Verge Laser by clicking here and filling out our contact form.