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Laser Cutting and Engraving Information

The Benefits of Laser Wood Cutting in Brisbane

If you run a carpentry business or would just like to customise some of your wooden products to convey your brand and artistic ideas, you might be interested in etching or engraving and cutting. There are a variety of modern techniques used to etch materials such as wood, plastic, and leather, but laser cutting appears to be growing in popularity at a rapid pace.  read more


Make a Better First Impression for Your Business Signage: Hire Verge Laser for Laser Acrylic Cutting in Brisbane

Are you looking to replace an old, outdated set of signs for your business? If so, it’s a good idea to think about the first impression you want to make with your signage.  read more


Get a Cleaner Cut and Faster Turnaround Times with Acrylic Laser Cutting for Signs in Brisbane

If you need new signage for your business and require a rush job, but can’t settle for lower quality work, call Verge Laser. We specialise in acrylic laser cut signs in Brisbane and can help you get the signage materials you need with the fast turnaround time you want.  read more


Laser Cutting Services Including Sign Laser Cutting in Brisbane

If you’re running a business of any kind, you’ll want to make sure you’re representing yourself properly. Image is increasingly important in our era, and you’ll need to make sure you’re showing yourself in the proper light.  read more


Searching for a Quality Plastic Engraver? Find Plastic Engraving in Brisbane Now

Have you ever thought about how much plastic exists in the world? We’re not exactly sure what the answer is, but there sure is a lot of it. Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials of the current century, and it appears in a near limitless number of products both large and small.  read more


From Glass Signs to Promotional Items, Verge Laser Provides the Glass Engraving Services You Need in Brisbane

There’s something elegant and timeless about seeing a company’s logo and brand name etched on glass. From mirrored glass signs to beer glasses to vases, etched glass creates a stunning aesthetic that no other type of signage or engraving can quite match.  read more


Why is the Laser Etcher in Brisbane Fast Becoming the Preferred Tool for Etching?

For countless centuries, businesses have been imprinting products with logos, patterns, and other branding visuals using a method called etching. In more recent decades, we’ve started using a broad variety of etcher tools, with laser and chemical etching currently being two of the most popular.  read more


Why People Choose Us for Laser Wood Engraving in Brisbane

Thanks to modern laser technology, engraving wood with absolute precision has never been easier, and the most technologically advanced laser engravers cause no structural or unintentional surface damage. It’s easy to make mistakes and difficult to repeat patterns using conventional tools, but lasers are highly accurate and can save the visual as an automated stencil for repetition. read more


Personalise or Brand Leather Items, with Laser Leather Engraving Services from Brisbane’s Verge Laser

Leather is a beautiful, elegant material. Durable, flexible, and attractive it’s no mystery why leather has earned a deep association with fashion, style, and quality. From leather purses and wallets to leather interiors in automobiles, leather has a connotation of being ‘superior’ to many other materials. read more

Set Your Business Apart with Unique Signs and Designs

What if you could set your business apart from the competition with the aesthetic appeal of your unique signs and designs? A lot of signage is unmemorable, reflects boring design concepts …read more.