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From Glass Signs to Promotional Items, Verge Laser Provides the Glass Engraving Services You Need in Brisbane

There’s something elegant and timeless about seeing a company’s logo and brand name etched on glass. From mirrored glass signs to beer glasses to vases, etched glass creates a stunning aesthetic that no other type of signage or engraving can quite match. As a Brisbane glass engraver, Verge Laser can assist you in putting your company’s name and logo on etched glass—be it for signage purposes, promotional materials, or something else.

Laser Etched Wine Glass

Why Choose Glass Engraving in Brisbane?

Putting your information, ideas or even photographs on glass is not an easy process. Achieving minute levels of detail—including small text and tiny nuances of images and logos—is something that traditional printing or stamping methods can simply not achieve. Rendering these elements on curved, conical or cylindrical objects—such as glasses, cups, or vases—is even more of a challenge.

If you want to use glass for signage, décor, or promotion, get in touch with Verge Laser today. As professional glass engravers in Brisbane, we can render your ideas with the quality and detail they deserve.

Verge Laser had its official start two years ago, but our owners have a decade of experience in the industry. This experience is instrumental in the services we provide and is particularly valuable for the challenging niche of glass engraving. Our experience, paired with our high-quality laser machine, gives us the ability to achieve near-microscopic detailing in our glass etched services.

Indeed, the detail we can create with our laser is hard to achieve with any other method of printing or engraving. Whether you are printing a logo, a brand name, a photo, or smaller bits of text (like names or contact information), you can trust that it will appear on the glass with clarity and sharp attention to detail.

The range of glass materials on which we can engrave is quite long as well. From float glass to crystal glass or mirrored glass, we are willing to do etching on any glass material. As mentioned previously, we are also happy to do engraving on glass objects that are cylindrical or conical—as long as they fit our machine. (You can read more about those requirements here.) Engraved cups, vases and wine glasses make for terrific gifts, souvenirs, or promotional materials, and can be a fun but high-class way to get the word out about your business. Working with a Brisbane glass engraver gives you the ability to branch out into these types of fine, elegant promotional gifts.

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