Laser Cutting & Engraving


What materials can you process?

We can process a wide variety of materials which are described here.

What is your turnaround time?

We have two types of client work – Custom One-off Work and Quoted Work.

Custom One-off Work
We are able to process your job while you wait. Depending on the complexity of your job, typically the work can be completed within an hour.

Quoted Work
Depending on the scale of your work we tend to be able to have your work completed within 7 days from confirmation of start of the work. We will always let you know how long your job will take for us to complete for you.

Can I collect my job from you?

You are able to drop off and collect your work by appointment only. Contact us here to organise your project.


How long does it take to get a return quote?

Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we aim to have quotes back to you within 24 hours. Complex jobs may require external quoting for some components, which we will discuss with you if required.

I have a single small item like a wallet, do I need a quote?

Minimum fee for a small, one-off job is $50 (excluding delivery) and may include items such as lettering on wallets and bags, inscriptions on plaques and glasses, and other gift items. Simply contact us here with your details and we can book a time for you to come and get it made while you wait.

I would like volume options in my quote, do you do this?

We can of course develop your quote to reflect more than one option. We actually pride ourselves on delivering a quote with at least 3 options on volume pricing, even if one volume was initially requested. This is particularly apparent for businesses who are often starting off with a new product, by knowing how the unit cost is affected as the volume increases is great for forward planning.

Design Services

I don't have any artwork, are you able to design it for me?

While it is best to have your artwork ready for us, making it the most cost effective for you, we are able to design and reconstruct artwork in order to produce it.

Depending on your requirements there a few options available to get your artwork ready. Best thing to do is contact us and we can help you out.

I have an idea for a product but I am unsure how to manufacture it, are you able to help?

We have over 10 years of industrial design experience in design, manufacturing, installation and delivery of those products. We have extensive knowledge in not only laser processing but all manufacturing techniques and machinery to deliver your product. Please contact us and begin your product journey with us.

I have just started my business, can you design my logo and associated material?

We utilise the incredible services of Juno Creative, a world class design service. They will be able to help you with building your brand image, beyond the logo itself. They can do it all – brand identity, digital design, print design, product packaging design, and more.


My item is clear coated, is it possible to engrave this?

Wood with clear coating, or in fact any painted coating can be engraved. The advantage of pre-coated wood is that the coating will act as a repelling mask for water-based acrylic paints which can be used to fill in the engraving such as gold, silver or black.

I have a wooden cutting board I bought from a store, can I engrave it?

Any item that is made of wood can be processed, as long as its size can fit within our workable area. Contact us here about your project.

If I had a choice, which wood type is better to engrave, softwood or hardwood?

While not all instances of softwood and hardwood are as the names imply, for the most part softwood is best for engraving depth and hardwood is best for engraving darkness. While both types of engraving can be achieved on both, each category responds respectively to each engraving type where time, thus processing costs, aren’t inflated due to attaining those effects.


I want to get my item stamped, debossed, or embossed. Can you do this?

We are unable to do any of these marking methods because with a laser, only engraving is possible. This method involves the burning away of the leather where the text or graphic is present. This method of marking is permanent as it can only be removed with physical abrasion.

My item is black leather, how will my engraving look?

Laser engraving is essentially controlled burning and as such processing of leather makes the engraved area darker. With black leather this means that the colour contrast of the engraved area and the untouched leather doesn’t contrast well. However the difference of matte sheen of the engraved area and the glossier sheen of the untouched leather, will allow the engraving to be visible.

I would like to have gold/silver foil on my item, can you do this?

To apply gold/silver foil to leather a hot stamp is required. A stamp is made of metal and has the profile of the letter or design milled into the end. This method is restrictive in regards to the styles of fonts and logos available as every new design needs to be produced in order to stamp the design. This makes the cost of stamping very expensive for single one-off work.

We are only able to engrave the leather and as such will not be able to achieve the gold/silver effect you desire.


Can I have circular items like cups and bottles engraved?

Items like cups, mugs, bottles, decanters, etc can be engraved as long as they are circular in nature. If the items is elliptical or the surface being engraved is curved then it is still possible to engrave but will require assessment before we can commit to processing it.

Is it possible to engrave black or other colours on to the glass?

While black is possible, it does require more processing in order to achieve this. We have seldom had this kind of work done and we do recommend simply engraving the glass itself. Essentially if you add something to a surface it always has the chance to fall off, if you cut into a surface it will only diminish if you remove the rest of the surface away.

Other colours are not possible with laser engraving and these items would need to be UV printed to achieve this.

What liquid types best show off laser engraved glass?

Laser engraved glass looks great but it works best when the correct type of fluid is contained. The engraving works because light is able to enter from all sides, both front and back, and allow it to appear whiter. If your liquid is opaque or not very transparent, then the effect will be diminished as light is only coming in from the front. This is why water, lighter teas, vodka, scotch, etc works best.


I want to engrave and paint fill steel, can you do this?

Traditionally to mark steel with permanent markings, steel is engraved with a router and then those reliefs are filled with paint. The process, particularly with small lettering, is very tedious and can become very expensive.

Laser engraved metal allows you to create text and graphical components like photos and intricate logos with ease. Because the process is faster and much more streamlined, the cost to produce is far less.

Are you able to cut metals?

We are unable to cut metals with our machine however we have extensive connections to project manage that for you, so please contact us.