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Set Your Business Apart with Unique Signs and Designs

What if you could set your business apart from the competition with the aesthetic appeal of your unique signs and designs? A lot of signage is unmemorable, reflects boring design concepts, or is manufactured in a way that doesn’t do justice to the detail of the design. At Verge Laser, we help businesses to stand out with beautiful and unique signage designs.

What Sets Verge Laser Apart for Unique Signs and Designs?

At Verge Laser, we put together unique sign designs for our customers. We want your brandto stand apart from your competitors with higher-quality signage. Here are four characteristics that set our services apart:

  • Our laser-cutting capabilities: In most cases, clients engage with us for laser-cut acrylic signage. By using laser technology rather than a router—which is standard for most other signage companies—we can achieve sharper internal corners and cleaner edge finishes than our competitors. Our laser cutter creates details so small and subtle that they can be seen with a microscope. We capture the fine details of signage design—details that are easy to lose through other production methods.

  • Our incorporation of modern, computer-aided engineering program, Solidworks: This powerful product design software allows forthe pre-fabrication advantage that eliminates problems evident in design and construct projects which tend to add unnecessary time to production. Unique signage designs can be explored quickly and easily in order to confirm the validity of manufacture. Solidworks allows for quick changes which propagate throughout the design to ensure the final production plans do not carry through out-of-date design changes, which can be hard to amend once the sign has been produced, causing delays in delivery and adding additional costs. Details of any aspect of a sign can be quickly and effectively delivered to clients for approval. As well as this, Solidworks exports accurate production plans for all types of manufacturing processes around the world.

  • Our work with other materials: In addition to working with acrylic, we offer cutting, etching, and engraving for other materials. We can etch or engrave on surfaces such as wood or painted metal in beautiful, striking ways. By expanding the range of what we offer beyond acrylic signage, we help our clients explore fresh options and accomplish more with their signage.

  • Our unique approach: We have over ten years of industrial design experience, mostly involving signage projects. Our knowledge of the industrymeans that we can offer innovative design concepts and sign solutions that our competitors might not think of. We want to create signs that look different from what your prospective clients see every day, whether through unique colours, textures, materials, or quality features. If what you want is unique signage, our versatility, flexibility, and innovative touch are all assets that you will appreciate.

What Does Verge Laser Offer in Terms of Unique Signage?

Beyond just cutting, etching, or engraving on a variety of different materials, we can also craft unique signs that fall into any category of signage that you can imagine. Our capabilities include:

  • Reception signage
  • Building signage
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Vinyl-cut signs
  • Banner signs
  • UV-printed signs

Whether you are looking for a particular type of sign or want to use different types for different functions, we offer the flexibility that you need to create the perfect promotional strategy for your business.

About Verge Laser

For the past five years, we have been using state-of-the-art laser technology to achieve crisper, better-looking, and highly unique signs and designs for a wide range of clients. We are proud of the work that we have done so far, and we look forward to meeting the signage challenges that our clients will present to us in the future. To find out what we can do for you, contact us today.